Poems A-Z

Poems pre 1900

A Forest Homestead: Hamilton Aide

A New Forest Ballad: Charles Kingsley

Ballad of William Rufus: Hamilton Aide

For a Monument in the New Forest: Robert Southey

May: Hamilton Aide

New Forest Verses: Charlotte Turner Smith

The Red King: Charles Kingsley

The Rime of King William: Anonymous

Throwing a Tree, New Forest: Thomas Hardy

Water-Party On Beaulieu River, In The New Forest: William Lisle Bowles

Poems 1900-2000

At Beaulieu: F.T. Prince

New Forest Ponies: William Henry Ogilvie

The Visionary, W. H. Hudson

Youth and Age on Beaulieu River, Hants.: John Betjeman

Poems post 2000

Along the Shore: Karen Jane Cannon

The agister’s experiment: Gill Learner


Not all the poems/poets listed above appear on this site due to copyright.

All poems in copyright that are republished here are printed with kind permission.